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Cossacks In Verzegnis.

In the summer of 1944, the region of Carnia was allocated to Cossacks by Hitler and was renamed Kosakenland. The municipality of Verzegnis became "stanitsa Terskaja". On 12 February 1945, General Krasnòv took accommodation at the "Stella d'oro" inn of Villa. Patrizia Deotto, a native of Verzegnis, has reconstructed the history of Cossacks in Carnia with great accuracy. For those who want to find out more, we recommend reading her book. Living several months side-by-side with 1,567 Cossacks, 465 horses, 58 cows and 20 camels was no easy task back in 1944, a year that was also nicknamed “the year of flees and hunger”.

But there was also a note of folklore and surrealism in those twenty camels and in General Krasnòv, who would take a ride around the village with his wife, to get some air, in a black carriage pulled by two white horses and preceded by two Cossacks on white horses...