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       Verzegnis is not a village, but a green valley lying at the foot of the mountain that bears the same mysterious name, and which is evocative of the atmosphere of the Celts who once lived here, in the heart of Carnia, a region that you can explore during your stay at La Gerla Blu. Our B&B can be the starting point of walks and trekking tours where history and legend mingle, for an enthralling and unforgettable experience amidst the colours of nature and the flavours of the traditional local cuisine, in the borderless mountain.
        A land offering endless surprises, a landscape that changes at every turn of the road or path. A land where the awe inspired by the signs left by man’s history mingles with the fascination exerted by the atmospheres created by nature over the centuries. You can have an enthralling and captivating experience by visiting the highlights listed on the left, recalling the magic evoked by local poet Giso Fior in his lyrical portrait of his home village, in which he pointed out the attractiveness of the place also from a tourist point of view:


Sòra il flum al è Verzègnas

simpri prim e mai secònt

Finalmenti a l'an capida

forestìr di dut il mont.

     A nus rìvin da l'Austràlia,

     a nus rivin dal Gjapòn

     a s'incussin ta l'ombrèna

     o tal cjalt dal savalòn

Ah, ce gust durmì pas Lòidas

sot un bosc o dongja il fèn

e tornà poussàz a vòra

blancs e ross e cùr serèn.

     Benedèt al sèi Vergègnas

     un mangjà dal natural

     int pulìt e l'aria nèta

     como un'aria di Nadàl.


Verzegnis: Above the Tagliamento stands Verzegnis, always first and never second.

At last foreigners from all over the world have understood this.

They arrive from Australia and Japan, crouching in the shade or in the warm sand.

Ah what a pleasure to sleep in Loida, below a wood or nearhay, and return to work rested, white and red and with a serene heart. 

Blessed be Verzegnis: natural food, good people and clean air just like at Christmas.