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The gerla (wicker pannier) was the traditional working tool for women in Carnia.

It was thanks to the hard labour of women carrying heavy wicker panniers on their backs - laden with stones and sand for building their houses - that our villages came into being. The wicker panniers that women used to transport any type of object were the key element around which the entire economy and society of the area developed, as displayed at the local museum, the Museo Carnico. This is why we chose to name our B&B after this tool.

        Blue, like the sky in Carnia on a sunny day. Blue, a colour that brings peace and tranquillity, evoking a sense of relaxation and stillness; according to ancient Egyptians, this colour stands for infinity and stimulates introspection.

        La Gerla Blu (“The Blue Wicker Pannier”) is the perfect hideaway where you can connect with your true self and get in touch with nature.

AN IMPORTANT GUEST A few days ago we had the pleasure of accommodating a very important guest at our bed & breakfast: Catania-born writer CONCETTO GENOVESE, who for many years has devoted a large...
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