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26 May 2017

AN IMPORTANT GUEST A few days ago we had the pleasure of accommodating a very important guest at our bed & breakfast: Catania-born writer CONCETTO GENOVESE, who for many years has devoted a large amount of his time to writing, creating novels, tales and fairy tales. This hobby of his comes second only to his love for cycling. After reading that this year the GIRO D’ITALIA would also include, among its steep slopes, the legendary road to the top of Mount ZONCOLAN, he started thinking about visiting CARNIA, to see the toughest slope of the GIRO in person. Following the advice of the FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA TOURISM BOARD, he chose to stay at our B&B. One day I drove him to Mount ZONCOLAN. He was very impressed by the steepness of the road, and how difficult it was to handle the hairpin bends even by car. While I was driving I looked at him: he seemed preoccupied, and did not say a word for the whole ascent. It was only when he left that he hinted at a surprise that he would prepare for us once at home. Today the surprise arrived by post. Concetto sent us a story he has written all about his love for cycling and Mount ZONCOLAN. We loved it. We hope you will enjoy it, too! P.S. All works by CONCETTO GENOVESE are now available in the LAGERLABLU library.